You're running your business, have employees or contractors, and want to know how much to pay your employees? You're wondering if Fitli offers any type of payroll services or features?

Fitli doesn't offer a full payroll or invoicing package, but we can provide you with information about how many classes or appointments your trainers are teaching.

Attendance / Booking Reports:
Fitli provides your business with multiple reports, including an Attendance and Bookings report. With our new 'check ins' feature, you can see how many clients actually showed up at a class or appointment. Plus, you can display your reports sorted by trainer or professional.

How do I pay my trainers off your reports?
Easy! Say for example you've got "Pam" the Yoga instructor, she's a contractor at your business. You can run an Attendance report showing how many classes/appointments she's had, and then see based off the number of 'check ins' how many actually attended. Take that total number for the month, multiply it by amount you pay Pam per customer, and you've got the $$$ you owe her!

Why don't you offer a payroll type service?
We're constantly building new features into our platform, and are trying to focus on what brings you and your business the most satisfaction and solutions to your business needs - that's fitness scheduling, booking and payments!

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