Interested in selling retail products through Fitli? Well, you can! Get those t-shirts, water bottles and uniforms ready, here's a quick guide on how to sell retail products to your customers.

Right now, Fitli isn't a retail store per-se, but you can set up your Products and Packages to work selling retail products. Here's the steps to get started:

Step 1: Enable 'Retail' products
Login to your Fitli business account, and head to the 'Admin' tab. Once there, click 'Business Profile', then look for the 'retail' checkbox under 'Business Types'. Click to select that, then look for 'Retail' in the list below. Check that box as well. This 'turns on' the ability to sell Retail products within Fitli.

Step 2: Create a "placeholder" Retail Product
Now that you've turned on Retail functionality, head to your 'Products' section. Click 'Add Product', then create a product with the following details:

Name: Retail Product
Category: Retail
Drop in Price: No
Duration: 1 minute
Description: Placeholder product

This product will be our placeholder, or starting point for creating your retail packages. Remember that you can't buy a product for a customer, you can only buy packages, so now we need to create a retail package for the customer to purchase, or for you to purchase for the customer.

Step 3: Create a Retail Package

Head to your Packages/Memberships, then click 'Add Package' to create your first retail product. Follow the guidelines in the screenshot below to create your first retail package, here's the details of how to create it:

Name: The name of your product, such as "Uniform - XL"
Products: Retail Product
Price: The price of your product (including sales tax if you need to charge it)
Type: Choose 'Single Purchase'
Number of Sessions: 1
Sessions Expire: 1 day
Description: Enter your retail product description here

Step 4: Purchase the Retail Product for your Customer

Now, to purchase the retail product, head to your Customer List under 'Customers', then find the customer making the purchase. Then, click 'Purchase'. The Purchase screen will appear, and allow you to select the package to purchase. Choose 'Purchase' next to the retail product you've just created, "Uniform - XL". Then, continue like normal through the purchase process. You can use promotion codes here for a discount, or continue without one.

Step 5: Creating additional retail products
To create additional retail products, just follow Step 3 above, make a new 'Package' for each retail product you'd like to sell. If you don't want these showing up in the Package List for clients to see, you can turn on the 'Business Use Only' option to hide them.

That's it, you've made your first retail product! Future enhancements include additional retail functionality, including images, more 'shopping cart' feel, and integration with shopping apps!

-Team Fitli

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