1. Log in to your fitli business account

- Click on your business name from the pulldown to access your business account. This will take you to your business's calendar page, like below.

2. Click on "Customers" (next to "Calendar" tab)

- This will list all customers at your business.

- Next to each customer, there will be a "View" link. If you want to view remaining sessions of Kathie Lee Gifford, click on the "View" link on that row.

The "View" link will open a Client Details form. Scroll down at the bottom, you'll see:

- Upcoming sessions: if client has 0 upcoming session, the table Upcoming Sessions will be hidden.

- Account Balance (aka. Remaining Sessions): if client has 0 remaining session, the table Account Balance will be hidden.

Here is an example of a client who has both Upcoming Sessions and Account Balance. You will see this client has 6 sessions remaining that can be applied to Cycling Class and will expire on 4/19/2019.

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