A package is a group of products - such as a membership which includes a limited or unlimited amount of classes or appointments. For example, a 'Monthly Unlimited Pass', or '10 Punch Card', is an example of a package/membership.

Steps to create a package:

1. Log in to your fitli business account.

2. Click on "Products" in the top navigation bar.

3. Click on "Packages" on the left hand side.

This will take you to the list of packages that your business offers to clients.

4. To create a new package, click on the "+ Add Package/Membership" button to start. This will open a pop-up form to ask you to fill out all information for your new package.

Active? - If yes, then the package is available and active, if no, then the package isn't available.  If a package is 'inactive', then it doesn't impact the ability for EXISTING clients who have that package to use or renew it.  It only disables the ability for NEW clients to purchase that package.

Business Use Only - If chosen, then only the business can purchase this package for the customer (typical for specials, comp's, etc).

Name - The name of your package (30 character limit)

Products - Using the pull down, choose the products (individual items) you wish to add to your package. Remember, a package is a GROUP of items. For example, if you want the 'Unlimited Monthly Membership' to include ALL your products, leave the pull-down blank (unlimited by default). Or, if you have 5 products you want to include, use the pull-down to select those 5 items.

Price - This is the membership price. Currently, it is NOT editable after you create the package/membership.

Expires After - How long until the sessions included in this package expire? If you choose 6 months, then the sessions expire after 6 months.

Type - You can either choose a single purchase (one time), or a monthly auto renew. If you choose auto-renew, you can select the time period for the auto renew (every XX days, months, etc).

Number of Sessions - Limited (a set amount of sessions per time period) or unlimited (unlimited!).

# Sessions - The number of sessions the customer receives if the package is set to a limited package (not available in unlimited)

Sessions Expire - When do the sessions expire? Choose either a set number of days or months after either the first charge date (purchase date) or after the cancellation date.

Description - Your package description, what the customer sees.

5. After you fill out all information for this package, click on the "SAVE" button.

- This package will be added to the package list and ready for purchase by you or your customers!

And you're done!

Packages and Memberships from fitli on Vimeo.

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