The first step in getting clients to schedule or book is to have customers attached to your business!


  1. Log in to your Fitli business account.

Once you're in your business account, click the 'Customers' tab at the top navigation, shown in the screenshot below:

- This will take you to the list of your current customers.

2. To add a new client/customer, click on the "+ Add Customer" button on your top right hand side.

- This will take you to a pop-up form "Add a Customer".

Once here, you've got two options!

Option 1: Add a brand new customer who does NOT have an existing account.

-Likely, your new customer will not have a current account. You can go directly to the "Add Customer" button, and head to the adding a new customer page (see below).

Option 2: Add an existing user to your business

-If you think your new customer may already be a member with another business, you can search for them! For security reasons, we require that you know some information about the customer you'd like to add; last name and/or first name and email address. Once you search for them, and if there is a match, click "Select" on the right to add them to your customer list.

Add New Customer Screen:

After clicking on the "+ Add New Customer" button from either option above, you'll head to the 'Add Customer' screen, where you can enter the information about your new customer. All that's required is their FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and MOBILE PHONE NUMBER. Everything else the customer can add on their own later (see screen below):

Note that when you add a new customer, their email address MUST BE UNIQUE! Customers are identified by their email address - so you can't add a customer when one already exists with the same email.

What if my customer doesn't have an email address?

We can handle that! When entering a customer without an email address, just use a 'fake' email address with our domain name. For example, "Bob", would have an email address of ''. If you add another customer with no email address, use "Steve", as ''. They won't receive any emails from us, but you can add them into the system!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at!

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