Currently, when new clients sign up on the web from your schedule of classes, via the Fitli app or from your website with the embedded calendar, the client is listed as having 'Favorited' your business, however, they are not immediately added to your Customer List. Only once the client makes a purchase of a class, appointment or package, are they added to your client list. This can sometimes lead to a disconnect between an interested client (we call these 'leads') and customers who actually purchase. We realize this isn't the best practice and after having heard your feedback, we're changing it!

We've added a new category of client called 'Leads', that are viewable in your Customers List. Those clients that sign up on the web via your schedule/calendar, from the app, or from your website's embedded calendar are now added to your Customers List as 'Leads'. You can view those leads in the Customers List.

Head to your Customer List

First, head to your Customers List, and click on 'Show Leads'. You'll also notice a new category type of client called "lead". The current options are 'Client' and 'Lead'.

1 - Click 'Show Leads'

2 - Click 'Type' to sort by client type. The list will first sort ascending, showing leads last. Click 'Type' again to sort descending, with 'Leads' showing up first.

Your new lead will show up at the top of the list. Click to send them a message, etc. Once they make a purchase or booking, or become a relationship to another account, they'll convert from a 'lead' to a client.

To add a lead to a class or make a purchase, just search for the client as you typically would, then click the 'Show Leads' link to show the customer. Then use the 'Add to Session' or 'Purchase' links to convert the customer to a full client!

We'll be expanding on Leads in the future, including the ability to send custom messages, notifications to you, the business, and more!

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