We're receiving a lot of inquiries from you asking how to make a package/membership available to select customers/clients for several reasons:

  1. You want to keep the old package/membership for your old clients but want to create a new one for your new clients since you've increased your prices.
  2. You want your long-term clients to get this privilege as a way of giving back to them for patronizing your business for a long time.

Now, you can choose to whom you want to give specific packages/memberships, here's how...

Go to your Business Account (Step 1), click Products on the top menu (Step 2) and then Packages/Memberships on the left side (Step 3). Click the 'Edit' link beside the package you want to edit (Step 4) and then make sure that it's Active and NOT for 'Business Use Only'. 

In this example, I'll edit the 'Renewing Unlimited package'.

Next is to go to Admin on the top menu (Step 1) and then Business Tools on the left (Step 2). Select the package you've just edited a while ago from the pulldown menu (Step 3) and then copy the link generated on the 'Buy Link' box (Step 4).
Eg. https://app-dev.fitli.com/client/business/babbaloo#buy-membership-22 

You may bookmark the link or send it to your select clients so they can purchase the package.

When done, go back to the package and turn on for 'Business Use Only' then hit SAVE.

If you go back to Business Tools you'll notice that the 'Renewing Unlimited package' is not available on the pulldown menu since it's for 'Business Use Only'.

You may also deactivate the package/membership afterwards. If the link is already published, the package can still be purchased using the link, but the link can't be generated and won't show up unless you and your client have the link.

That's about it! Any questions? Click on the chat button or send us an email to support@fitli.com

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