Previously, we offered businesses a way to link directly to classes and their calendar and into the package purchase process, but none for a specific class. You want to make it easier for your customers and direct them to a specific class (eg. special promo class) - now you can!

To get the link into a specific class, login to your business account, and head to the 'Personal' section on the upper right side. 

Then, go to 'Book Activity'. You'll see your business/es under 'My Businesses'.

In this example, I have several businesses under my account. I will choose one and then click 'View Schedule'. You may not have your own business "favorited" so it might not be on 'My businesses'. It may be on 'Find a Business'. In this case, you will need to click on 'Find a Business' on the left side and then enter the name of your business (at least one word) and then favorite it (screenshot above).

You will then be redirected to 'Book Activity' tab where you can see all of your classes. Click on the specific class you want to get the link to open Session Profile. In this example, I'll click on Family Yoga with Hana D for May 3 at 7:00-8:15 AM.

Copy the link on the web address tab (highlighted part above) and paste it anywhere or send it to your customers.

Customers clicking the link will head right into the purchase process. After that, they'll need to login to their account, but the next step will take them right back into the purchase flow or just book and confirm if they already purchased a package.

That's about it! Any questions - contact us here at

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