It's Tax Season and some of you might be asking for a statement/invoice/receipt, summary of charges, etc, showing all your transactions/charges/purchases so you can be reimbursed for work, insurance, or to just have a record for it.

There are 3 options to receive this information.

#1 - Use the email you received from us

Whenever you purchase a package or a product, you will receive an automated message from us with details of the purchase: name of your business, logo, package or product name, dollar amount, etc. This email notification will serve as a receipt or a proof of your purchase.  (See screenshot below)

#2 - Log into your account and use 'Purchase History'

You can use 'Purchase History' to export your transactions. To do this go to Account and then click Purchase History on the left side and then click Export on the right. (Screenshot below) 

The exported report will pull-up a detailed transaction history which includes: transaction date, your name, email address, item purchased, gross sale, net sale, payment method used, etc. Using your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.), you may hide columns and/or rows that are not needed. When done, save the exported report to your desired file format.

#3 - Contact your Business

You may contact your business directly so they can give you a proof of your purchase. I bet they have a personalized receipt that they can provide to you with their business name, address, phone number, company logo, transaction details, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or join live chat on the Fitli site.

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