As part of our Winter 2018 feature release, we've added several improvements to the Customer List. Now, you can see and sort when clients signed up, search by a specific time period, and click on the column headers to sort both ascending and descending!

New options:

  • New 'Date Created' now shows the date the client signed up on! Click the header name to sort your client list and show your newest clients.
  • 'Select Date Filter' lets you search and sort your client list by a specific date range. The default is 'all'.
  • Clickable header names - all the header names (Name, Email, etc) are clickable. Clicking them once sorts your list in ascending order, a second click sorts by descending order.
  • Buttons are now links - You might notice the old 'purchase', 'history', buttons are gone and are now links for better readability on mobile devices.

Happy Birthday Indicators

You can now see your client's birthdays at a glance!

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