Huzzah! As of today, we're doing away with the email verification message we send to new clients. We found, after extensive testing and feedback, that the emails were a source of frustration to new clients, took customers out of the signup/booking process, and were not especially helpful in securing or maintaining the privacy of our customers.

For customers:
To replace the email verification, we've added a double email verification section on the signup page, to ensure that customers are entering their email address correctly. Once entered, you're immediately given access to Fitli - and you can continue to enter your contact information, or skip that step and start booking and scheduling!

For businesses:
Your customers should have a much smoother process to signup for new accounts - no more leaving your website or Fitli's site in order to check their email, click a link/button, then log back in and search for your classes. Now, it's one step - signup and done! This should vastly improve the signup process and customer conversion rates! No more hurdles to account creation.

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