As a gym, studio, fitness business, trainer or instructor, one of the main things you do is provide clients with a service - either group classes or private one on one appointments. Getting these products created in the Fitli system, added to the calendar, and scheduled with your clients is the core of what Fitli is all about - but how do you go about it?

This Guide is all about Products, Packages/Memberships and Promotions.  Lets's break it down:

Products - Here at Fitli, we think of products as simply, "The things that you do". These are your classes, appointments, workshops, events and even things you might sell.

Packages/Memberships - These are GROUPS of your products - essentially it's taking your classes and/or appointments and packaging them up into something you.

The first step in this process is creating all of your PRODUCTS, then moving on to creating your PACKAGES/MEMBERSHIPS.  Let's do it!

Step 1: Create your first Product

To create your first product, head to the 'Products' section at the top of the Fitli navigation bar, then click 'Products' on the left side. Then, click the 'Add Product' button at the top.

Step 2: Enter your product information

On this screen, we've entered some product information for a fictional class, called 'Pilates Class'. We've priced the class at $20.00 for a drop in, chosen 90 minutes as the duration, and categorized the class as a Pilates class. Then, we turned 'ON' the ability to check clients into the class, and chosen a nice green color for the class when it appears on the calendar. Another option at the top we didn't turn on is the 'Bookable by Business only' option. If we had chosen this option, clients would be able to see this class, but couldn't book it. Think of as a class only YOU could book for clients.

-> For a more complete guide to creating products, read our comprehensive PRODUCTS Guide.

Now that you've created your first product, you can add the rest of the products (classes and appointments) that you offer as a business.

Step 3: Create your first Package/Membership

Now that you've created your first product, let's add a PACKAGE/MEMBERSHIP so clients can purchase something!

Under the same Products menu, choose the 'Packages/Memberships' option on the left. Then, click the 'Add Package/Membership' button at the top right.

Step 4: Enter your package information

Now that you've chosen to create a new package, let's enter the details of the package we want to create.  For this package, we're creating a 10 pack or 10 punch card of Crossfit Classes. We've filled out the price we want to charge for 10 classes, and used the pull down menu under 'Products' to select the products we get when we purchase this package (note that you can have MULTIPLE products selected here). Also, we've set the package to be a single purchase, and 10 as the number of sessions the client receives when purchasing the package. Then, choose the package expiration date (1 month for this package), and you're done!

-> For a more complete guide to creating packages and memberships, read our comprehensive PACKAGES GUIDE.

Now, onto promotion/discount codes!

Step 5: Create a promotion code

The first step in creating a promotion code is to decide WHAT type of discount (either a percentage % off or a dollar amount $$ off of a product you want to offer). Once you've decided what type of discount you want to offer, you're ready to create your first promotion/discount code.

Head to the 'Products' section, then click 'Promotions' on the left side, then click on the 'Add Promotion' button.

In this scenario, we've chosen to create a 20% off discount code, giving a 20% off discount which applies to every class, package and item that you sell as a business. We've set the title to something descriptive that the customer can read, the 'code' is the actual code they will use in the check out process (don't change the code that appears in this box). Then, we set the type as percentage, entered 20 as the percent off, and set an expiration date.

Click 'Save' at the bottom and you're done creating your first promotion code! Now, either you or your clients can use this code to get 20% off any product/package during the checkout process.

-> For a more complete guide to creating promotion codes, read our comprehensive PROMOTION CODE GUIDE.

That's it! You've created your first PRODUCT, your first PACKAGE and your first PROMOTION code! You're on it! Your next steps are to create ALL the products you offer as a business, then create ALL the packages/memberships you offer. We recommend creating your products FIRST, then create your packages SECOND.

-> Now, on to Step 3 of the Setup Guide - Adding your Products to the Calendar.

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