Previously, we offered businesses a way to link directly to classes and their calendar, but many of you have asked for links directly into the package purchase process. You want to sell memberships and offer customers a way to purchase packages - now you can!

To get your new deep links into the package/membership purchase process, login to your business account, and head to the 'Admin' section. Then, go to 'Business Tools'. Once in Business Tools, you'll see a new set of options at the bottom called the 'Buy Link'. This section will let you setup and customize links directly into your purchase process.

Buy Link Options

General Purchase Link:
With the pulldown menu selected to "All Memberships", the buy link option will send users to your default package/membership purchase page, with all options selected (excluding any 'Business use only' options). Here, a customer can choose from the options they want to purchase from.

Specific Purchase Link:
With the pulldown menu selected to a SPECIFIC package/membership, the buy link option will send users to the purchase flow with a specific membership/package highlighted - it will be their only choice. This is great if you're sending users to buy something SPECIFIC - say an Annual Membership or a 10 Pack Yoga Class. See the screenshot below for how a single package/membership is chosen.

To use this purchase or 'buy link' option, just copy and paste it into wherever you need it - Facebook, Twitter, your business website, email, etc. Customers clicking the link will head right into the purchase process. After that, they'll need to login to their account, but the next step will take them right back into the purchase flow - we've got you covered!

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